Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Understanding at Home Teeth Whitening Gels and Kits

Cosmetic dentistry has really taken off in recent years and therefore the market for home teeth whitening kits and gels.
Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening at home is usually done with a sentence and institutes carbamade peroxide bleaching gel. Several years ago, lime was the principal instrument of money laundering, but today it was proved that carbamade works best.

The peroxide gel carbamade powerful in most kits at home, to remove these stains, which are eating on the teeth all day, and consumption.

The recent popularity of carbamide peroxide whitening gel feel very welcome choice for the kits at home, and even used by most cosmetic dentist. There are different levels of concentration in the gel. Some were as low as 10%, while others are as high as 36%. The average is around 20% to 22%.

Teeth whitening is a simple process to have the kits at home, very popular. Basically, take the word of thermoformed tray and place it in your mouth every day with the gel in it. This plateau is generally placed in the mouth for 30 minutes per day. Most people see the results of Nice in a few days.

Teeth whitening gels work by a process called oxidation, which removes most stains on the teeth without damaging the teeth or email. There are some side effects of bleaching. A common side effect is tooth sensitivity. Another is harmful to the teeth by drinking coffee, juice or other liquids during bleaching dark.

Most major brands like Crest, Aquafresh whitening kits and take home with you and your dentist can certainly sell you a set of professional quality. Make sure you read all the instructions, please consult your dentist and avoid dark liquids and foods.

With lower prices for home whitening kits and there is no better time to visit your dentist for teeth whitening and start to improve your smile.