Monday, December 21, 2009

Teeth Whitening - 3 Things Not to Do If You Want Sparkling White Teeth in Seconds

Who wouldn't want a captivating smile? Without doubt, everyone would and especially with a variety of teeth whitening options available today realization of this dream has come within the reach of millions. While the market is flooded with quick and easy home teeth whitening options, here a few things to avoid if you really want to see results in seconds.

Teeth Whitening1. Treating All Products At Par

The most important and basic thing while going in for home teeth whitening is to choose the right product. Amid a wide variety of options one needs to zero in on something that is best suited to one's individual needs. Trays with bleaching gels are by far the most accepted way to get customized whitening of the teeth.

2. Compromising Upon The Peroxide Content

Carbamide peroxide is the bleaching agent in most teeth whitening products. Likewise, the efficiency of a product directly depends on its concentration in it. Thus it is important to stick to the standard 21% concentration to yield quick and effective results and steer clear of cheaper alternatives that might contain as low as 16% concentration of the ingredient.

3. Not Paying Heed To Manufacturer's Usage Guide

This is important in the sense that every product is different and needs to be used in a particular manner. Certain precautions mentioned on the pack must be taken and usage instructions must be strictly adhered to, or you could end up getting patchy and ineffective results.

Avoiding these would give you the liberty to avoid your dentist and have a sparkling smile too. It really is that easy and quick.