Monday, December 28, 2009

Teeth Whitening - 3 New Releases From Home Teeth Whitening Reviewed

The affordability and ease of use induced by technological advancements have catapulted the popularity of home teeth whitening products in the recent past. Given a choice, everyone would be glad to get rid of dingy, yellow teeth and for those who have already decided on it, here is a quick review of the 3 newest releases from home teeth whitening.
Home Teeth Whitening
1. Stick- on Strips

These are the newest of the lot and are fast gaining popularity owing to their extremely easy and fuss free usage. The best part about using these is that there is no preparation required and thus these make for a quick and non- clumsy way out. However, owing to being completely flat, they fail to affect the contours between teeth appropriately and end up delivering patchy results at times.

2. Brush On Gels And Pastes

In conformity to the good old way, the teeth whitening gels and pastes available in the market can be brushed upon the teeth at night. Leaving them overnight to dry out removes plaque and other impurities from the tooth enamel and imparts a brilliant sheen to it. Taking certain precautions such as checking upon the absence of alcohol and glycerin in these assure efficient and quality teeth whitening results.

3. Trays With Bleaching Gels

These offer the best way to get the teeth whitened. Moldable trays that contain peroxide gel can work wonders to the oral health when used appropriately. These set in accordance to the teeth structure and thereby ensure personalized results. Adequate peroxide concentration in the gels used can deliver in-office quality results at home in a shoe-string budget.

With these excellent ways to whiten yellow and stained teeth, you need not bother about thinking twice before you smile. Make a suitable pick for yourself after delving into the prices and quality parameters. Or better still, go grab a free trial pack and make the most of the situation.