Monday, December 21, 2009

Tooth Whitening - What is Tooth Whitening Anyways?

Do you know what tooth whitening stands for? Well, in case you are not familiar with the term tooth whitening, you need to try and read this article. In this passage, we would try and explain the meaning as well as the significance of whitening teeth from home or a dental clinic.

Teeth Whitening1. It Is A Natural Stain Remover

The main purpose of whitening your tooth is to remove the stains from your teeth. Owing to your ill eating habits, you tend to get a layer of yellow on the outer surface of your tooth. If this is not removed, your teeth start looking ugly and you would also have difficulty in smiling confidently.

2. It Is A Natural Disinfectant

If you thought that whitening your tooth was merely limited to removing yellow stains, you need to think twice. In reality, a home based teeth whitener works as a natural anti septic agent. They not only remove the hard yellow stains from the surface of your tooth, they also wipe out the harmful bacterium which is present in and around your gum area.

3. It Is Cost Effective

A home based teeth whitening procedure is cost effective. If you compare it with a visit to the local dentist, the process is almost free. Home based teeth whiteners are affordable and they also whiten your teeth in minutes. Hence, you save your precious time from getting wasted.

Tooth whitening is a process of removing hard yellow stains from the surface of your tooth, removing bad bacteria from your gums and maintaining a clean pair of teeth at no extra charge. It is the most effective way of maintaining a 'sparkling white smile'.