Monday, December 21, 2009

Teeth Whitening - 3 Ways to Get Faster Results Using Home Teeth Whitening Products

The home teeth whitening product segment is growing at an unprecedented speed. Conveniences of use, affordability, time effectiveness are some of the reasons for this trend. People seem to have outgrown the monotony of those tiresome visits to the dentist and have embraced home use kits as pocket friendly, time saving alternatives. If you too aim at getting faster results from home teeth whitening products, here is your 3 step guide to achieve that end:

Teeth Whitening1. Go For Quality Products

A quality product bought from a genuine source ensures that you get the desired results in minimum time. For instance, a product with high peroxide content is bound to be superior and will thus deliver quicker results.

2. Adhere To The Manufacturer's Usage Instructions

This is extremely necessary to get the best results from a product. For instance, a product might require you to use a brush on paste before its application or an oxygenating oral rinse post its application to get the desired results. Avoiding these could ruin the whole thing and could deliver blotchy results. The duration of application is another parameter that must be strictly adhered to.

3. Avoid Glycerin And Alcohol Based Products

Glycerin is used as a desiccant in many teeth whitening products. However, such products must be avoided as it robs the teeth enamel of its moisture and leads to soreness in gums. Another thing to be strictly avoided is the presence of alcohol in such products as it triggers bad breath and hampers the result yielding capacity of a product.

Sticking to these 3 simple rules would help you get the best teeth whitening results in minimum time. Further, remember to exercise adequate after care and stay away from foods that stain to get lasting results.