Monday, December 21, 2009

Teeth Whitening - How to Whiten Teeth in 7 Days Or Less?

There is a simple technique, which you can whiten your teeth with in 7 days flat. Teeth whitening procedures are famous the world over because they allow your yellow stained teeth to become sparkling white. But if you do not follow this technique, you would always have to be content with a pair of yellow teeth for the rest of your life. Please read on to avoid this scenario:

Teeth Whitening1. Brush Using A Medicated Paste

In order to remove the yellow stains from the outer surface of your tooth, you need to try and brush your teeth with a medicated paste. You can get medicated paste from an online store. It is different from a normal paste as it contains hydrogen peroxide which whitens teeth in a natural way. It has been noticed that people who do not brush their teeth using medicated toothpaste and a soft brush tend to get dark stains on their teeth.

2. Avoid Powdered Tea

To avoid staining your precious teeth, you need to try and avoid drinking tea, especially the one which is made from a machine. Tea powder tends to leave a mark on the outermost surface of your tooth and it can be quite damaging in nature. So, you should minimize the consumption of powdered tea and instead drink green tea.

3. Use A Whitening Gel

In order to whiten teeth in 7 days, you need to get home a home based tooth whitening product from an online store. You can use a whitening gel as it is easy to apply and easy to store. In fact, a gel can whiten your teeth in a matter of minutes. If you continue using a whitening gel on a daily basis, you would whiten your teeth in just 7 days flat.

If you want to whiten your teeth in 7 days or less, you need to brush your teeth twice daily, avoid drinking powdered tea and use whitening gels on a regular basis. If you fail to do so, you would never be able to flash that flawless smile and impress your date on your next meeting.