Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Get a Brighter Smile With Teeth Whitening Gel Today!

Teeth take us a lot of violence during the lifetime of a person. Foods such as potatoes or apples to discoloration. Coffee, tea, soft drinks and smoking can darken or yellow teeth. Only little is known to cause tooth discoloration are medications, injuries and even genetics. Many people are satisfied with the appearance of their teeth by regular brushing and flossing. In modern society, where appearance is everything, there are those who should be the desire to feel superior to a dazzling white smile, a tooth whitening gel. Such funds can be made by a dentist or a counter teeth whitening gel.
Teeth Whitening
There are two ways to "bleach" teeth. And one of them is the discoloration of the teeth. This actually changes the original color of the teeth of a person. During the bleaching products carbomide drawbacks involve the use of peroxide, the amount shall be used according to the gel. Whitening removes stains deep and surface stains. The non-bleaching using physical and chemical reactions to remove surface stains only.

If you are a professional, knows of teeth, the bleach is used by 15% -35% hydrogen peroxide together. A laser light can be used to increase the intensity of bleaching. This type of procedure is called chairside bleaching known. It costs about $ 650 per session. Each session lasts 30 minutes to an hour. To achieve the desired results, multiple sessions may be needed.

The AT-home tooth whitening gel in a mouthguard that is made using over a long period of use depending on the nature of the gel. Some gels twice daily for 2 weeks, while others must be used at night. Make sure you follow the instructions given in the teeth whitening gel to get the best results from this product. Use all safety precautions, especially to keep the product out of reach of children.

There may be increased sensitivity of the teeth after using whitening teeth, but it is not harmful in any way. If there is an intense sensitivity, while the frequency of administration should be reduced. If tooth is sensitive, use a desensitizing gel can be useful.

Some teeth white on the first treatment, while others take a little longer. This is the age of the person from, and the number of colors in question. The pot-a-day coffee drinker more treatments to see a significant change, while the person, coffee, tea and soft drinks to avoid seeing almost immediate results. These results will last 6 months to one year. It is recommended that the treatment applied retouch every 4-6 months.