Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How Does Teeth Whitening Gel Work

Brief Overview

Teeth whitening gels, aids in the process of removing stains from the teeth, so they whiter and brighter colors. It eases the cleaning of stains that accumulate on the surface and in the tooth. These posts may be caused by many things, including how and food and beverages such as soft drinks and coffee. Some in the fight against the bleaching gel can help you and they are so easy to use. However, there are people who are more aggressive methods, why they need to go to the dentist to have their teeth bleached.
Teeth Whitening
How does the tooth whitening gel work?

Tooth whitening gel is in the method carried out tooth whitening. Most of these gels are hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide (stable release) as the active component. They are then applied to the teeth and the peroxide is reduced oxygen molecules. These molecules work effectively break into the teeth of stubborn stains or holes, pores located within the enamel. The spots will even reduce the light shines on the teeth, so the teeth are blunt, explains. However, if these patches break down, they can reduce the barrier of light. Thus more light can shine on the teeth, so that would be a white and look like Shiner. This is the answer to the question: "How can tooth whitening gel work?

Can you at home?

Yes, you can do at home, even though he was always by a dentist is also monitored. Your dentist will be well equipped to both of your upper and lower teeth tip. You will then peroxide gels keep in your mouth and put it there for a certain time. These gels are to be taken at home, not as strong as that used in clinical dentistry. And the outcome of this process can be as long as three weeks.