Monday, December 21, 2009

Teeth Whitening - 4 Things You Must Not Do While Using Home Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth whitening procedures have undergone immense changes in the recent past. Earlier restricted to dental in office treatments, today teeth whitening has acquired a completely new definition with an array of home use solutions available to whiten your teeth quickly as well as conveniently. However all is not as rosy as it seems on the surface and if getting whiter teeth using home use kits is your choice, do take a look at these four things you must strictly abstain from first.

Teeth Whitening1. Settling For A Cheaper Alternative

Choosing a quality product is quintessential to reaping effective results from a treatment. While the lure of saving some money could be hard to resist, one must always remember that only a product which is high on quality will translate into quality results. Compromising upon quality is thus not just a poor monetary investment but is also detrimental to one's oral health.

2. Eating Indiscriminately

It is essential that post- treatment one stays away from foods like strawberries, cranberries, colas and soy sauce as these may stain the tooth enamel and thus decrease the effectiveness of the remedy.

3. Opting For Glycerin Based Products

Glycerin, when combined with carbamide peroxide literally sucks the moisture out of the tooth enamel. While drying the teeth is essential to home teeth whitening, use of glycerin is the wrong way of doing it as it renders the teeth and gums sensitive to decay.

4. Using A Product With An Alcohol Base

Alcohol is used in many teeth whitening products as a desiccant. However, such products must be avoided as they lead to bad breath and thus aggravate the problem.

Staying away from these would ensure that your teeth whitening experience doesn't turn out to be disastrous. Finally, stick to manufacturer's usage instructions and pave your way to a dazzling smile.